We provide Field Services in Marine & Petro-Chem industries:

Laser Alignment

Laser Alignment for pump, motor, engine, generator, and compressor.


Laser Measurement
Stern Tube alignment

Laser Measurement of Bore straightness such as stern tube, engine pocket and turbine diaphragm.

Laser Flatness

Laser Flatness of machine sole plate, crane pedestal and engine block, Perpendicular of crane pedestal column to the deck, rudder stock / palm face to pintle housing, machine tools and parts.

Vibration Measurement

Vibration Measurement, Machinery diagnostic, torsional vibration analysis, shaft power measurement.

Laser Optical Measurement & Dimension Control

Laser Optical Measurement & Dimension control; Parallelism of crane rails, Ship hull profile & offset measurement; deformation monitoring; press & rolls and production lines.

Infrared Thermography

Thermal imaging for trouble shooting of Electrical switch board and machineries.

Laser Shaft Alignment and Dial Gauge Alignment Training

Laser shaft Alignment and Dial gauge alignment training, Vibration analysis course, shaft deflection calculation and Strain gauge alignment training.


More Services

We buy/sell used or Defective Laser


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